can't access MySQL on a local server

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can't access MySQL on a local server

Postby Girafenaine » 15. August 2018 16:05


I installed a local server on a linuxmint 19 OS. I used Xampp for linux 7.2.7. After configuration, it worked well for a little website (local only).

But today I cannot use it. I can access localhost/dashboard, so Apache seems to be ok, but I cannot access MySQL. Trying to access my local website, I get an error message : "this website is not available..." and something like "SQLSTATE{HY000} {2002} connection not accepted".

When I launch the server with the command sudo /opt/lampp/lampp start, all is launched (Apache, MySQL and ProFTPD). But when I switch off by the line sudo /opt/lampp/lampp stop, then i get "stopping MySQL... not running". So MySQL is launched, but seems to "crash" just after.

Perhaps this is due to computer switch off without having stopped local server.

Can anyone bring some help to access again MySQL on my local server ?

Kind regards,

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Re: can't access MySQL on a local server

Postby arcanisgk » 27. August 2018 17:07

on start you mysql service are to good but it is down becouse anyone problem onconfig files...
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