Connect to mysql from bash

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Connect to mysql from bash

Postby btdrizzle » 24. April 2018 15:08

XAMPP is up and running, I can connect and work with the sql server with phpMyAdmin and it works fine.
I cannot connect to the sql server via bash.
When I type:
mysql -u root I get the error message:
bash: mysql: command not found. . .
Packages providing this file are:
I don't understand... this is the only way I can find to work with the server from the command line. Please help?
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Re: Connect to mysql from bash

Postby Nobbie » 24. April 2018 21:29

Enter /opt/lampp/bin/mysql instead of only mysql. Or append /opt/lampp/bin to your PATH. Thats very very basic linux knowlegde.
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