Xampp and Microsoft SQL Server 2000....How To?

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Xampp and Microsoft SQL Server 2000....How To?

Postby lkskjelb » 27. September 2004 20:35

What do I have to do getting xampp for linux working with a microsoft SQL server 2000 using xampp 1.4.8 (and connecting to the server with PHP)???

Please help!!
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Postby Kristian Marcroft » 27. September 2004 21:10


google helps...

I found quite soe interessting stuff with:

"php mssql howto"

Give it a try...
There must be a reason why google is called the _best_ search engine on the net?

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Postby ascheinberg » 05. October 2004 02:13

What's the problem? I got it working without ANY additional configuration.

You need to use mssql functions in order to connect.
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