MySQL databases not usable after upgrading

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MySQL databases not usable after upgrading

Postby jackeapen » 18. September 2017 06:51


I have been using XAMPP on linux 64-bit. Recently I upgraded to XAMPP 5.6.31. But after upgrading my databases are not usable (earlier it was MySQL. Now MariaDB). In phpmyadmin the table are showing as "in use". while accessing tables via command line, error is shown as "ERROR 1932 (42S02): Table 'sunit_kbase.wp_posts' doesn't exist in engine".

I had the backup for a few databases, and could restore them from backup. for one particular database, I don't have a backup. MySQL data folder has the files for tables- .frm and .ibd

Is there any way I can restore my data using these files? mysqldump is also showing error
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