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About the installer

Postby chadong » 09. August 2017 07:54

The installer has a good and intuitive GUI but it lacks a functionality:
Adding a shortcut to the Program Menu or in the Desktop of Linux Mint or any other Linux distros.

I hope that the next version or revision will have this functionality.
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Re: About the installer

Postby Nobbie » 09. August 2017 10:11

chadong wrote:I hope that the next version or revision will have this functionality.

It wont. Definately not. Why? Because its the wrong way.

Why only Linux Mint? And which Linux Mint? There are couple of different versions with different desktop managers. Should they all be supported by an entry in the Program Menu? In which group? And what about the hundreds of other distributions and deskop managers and program menus? Do they all have the same groups? What, if not? Where to put Xampp? Should Xampp be in a different group on Linux Mint Mate than in OpenSuse? And what about Manjaro?

And - why only the start button? Why is there an "installation routine" for Xampp? There is a software manager with a software repository for Linux Mint, you surely use it to install all your software tools? Why not Xampp? And what about all the other distributions?

You see, questions over questions. And there is only one fix for it: Xampp MUST NOT be installed by an installation routine, Xampp *should* be integrated in all distributions and repositorys, in order to generate the correct program menu for the current system. But that cannot be done by Xampp or Bitnami. You have to request all distribution managers if they do want to integrate Xampp into their packages. And: there has been such a request already been a number of years ago. But they were not interested in integrating Xampp. Because all these distros (including Linux Mint) already comes with an Apache, Php and MySQL installation. There is no need for another webserver stack like Xampp, which provides the same tools. But it is quite impossible to adapt Xampp into all these distributions with a Xampp installer. This is ridiculous.

And what is the conclusion? If you really need a program menu entry, you either have to do it on yourself, or do not use Xampp, install the Linux Mint Apache/MySQL/PHP etc..
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