where is xamp controlpanel ????

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where is xamp controlpanel ????

Postby RolandGautier » 20. June 2017 07:49

I just install XAMPP 7.1.4 on ubuntu 16.04
It seems to function (localhost/dashboard succed) but how can I run the XAMPP control panel ???
sorry, i cant find it.

looking forward to your reply,
best wishes
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Re: where is xamp controlpanel ????

Postby luismartin » 22. June 2017 20:45

Look for a file similar to this one in the lampp directory:


make sure to grant execution permissions:

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sudo chmod 0755 manager-linux-x64.run

of course you must run this from the lampp directory, or instead point to the file with the proper path

and then do this:

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sudo ./manager-linux-x64.run

Then the xampp manager will display.
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Re: where is xamp controlpanel ????

Postby JackVW » 03. November 2017 22:42

I try to perform this with Fedora 26. I get error can't read ":0"
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