Firebird & PHP (xampp) in Linux

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Firebird & PHP (xampp) in Linux

Postby derles » 19. April 2017 21:16

I installed xampp 5.6.30 for linux on my OpenSUSE Linux.
I also hace firebird running on the same OpenSUSE.

I can connect to a firebird DB from my PC, where I installed the Firebird Client, but when i try to connect the same DB from a PHP application, y get the "error_profile_test_module" message.

I search the web all day long for this issue, no results. Not sure what I have to do. It seems that PHP needs to enable firebird/interbase extention, but i don't know hoy to do ir in xampp.

I found this a lot:
"To enable PHP to work with Firebird/InterBase, compile it with --with-interbase[=DIR]option."
but I don't know what it means and if it applies to xampp's PHP.

Anyone can help me ?

Thanks a lot

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Re: Firebird & PHP (xampp) in Linux

Postby Nobbie » 20. April 2017 00:04

Xampp does not support Firebird and you cannot build your own PHP in Xampp. If you need Firebird support, you simply cannot use Xampp.
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