High Aailability

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High Aailability

Postby rchavda » 24. February 2017 07:59

we are using XAMPP for Linux 7.0.15 . I am planning to setup high availability for apache server. We will have 2 servers hosting apache server and only 1 mysql database. Please let me know how we can achieve this . Is this asupportedd and tested configuration . what are the files we need to edit to enable HA

The application will be accessed from load balancer which will route the request to any apache server and then we connect to mysql from there
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Re: High Aailability

Postby Altrea » 24. February 2017 14:20

rchavda wrote:Is this asupportedd and tested configuration .

No. XAMPP is not designed or tested against performance, scalability, stability or security.
XAMPP is not made for production or public accessible environments.

Why do you want to use XMAPP for this? Why do you not install the single components on your own and configure them specificly relating to your hardware, software and requirements?
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Re: High Aailability

Postby Nobbie » 24. February 2017 16:21

rchavda wrote:what are the files we need to edit to enable HA

Another package than Xampp. Xampp is designed for development only.
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