Multiple sites help

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Multiple sites help

Postby 118MASTERMAN » 12. February 2017 00:08

Hi I was wondering how do I host multiple sites with different domains for each site.

I have looked through some tutorials online and have done the steps like adding the virtual hosts and the directory paths also adding it to the hosts file however it is still not linking up.
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Re: Multiple sites help

Postby Nobbie » 12. February 2017 12:04

118MASTERMAN wrote: and the directory paths also adding it to the hosts file

Ouch - why do you add directory paths to the hosts file?? Where did you see that? The hosts file is meant for IPs and domain namens, but surely not for directories and paths?
118MASTERMAN wrote:it is still not linking up.

What is "linking up"?? Is that your error message?? Never seen before. I think you should provide more precise information as well as some code, what you inserted in the Apache configuration as well in the hosts file. And please tell us real error messages, not prosa like "linking up", that is totally unknown to me.
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