XAMPP: Needs to restart every day or two

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XAMPP: Needs to restart every day or two

Postby gurudevnj » 03. December 2016 16:10

Everything was working fine, but now I get error in browser while visiting my websites "error establishing database connection". Error gets solved after restarting xampp, and what I observe every time that mysql module of xampp stops running.

Few months ago this error was coming every 15 days, and I always solved this issue by restarting xampp, but now it occurs very frequently(everyday or in 2 days).

I also tried the solution "deleting the file ibdata1" that helped me for 3-4 days, and problem started again.

It is big problem to me as well as visitors of my websites.

I Kindly request to look into my problem and help me fixing it.

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