Help on Mapping Local Directory for URL

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Help on Mapping Local Directory for URL

Postby jponnusamy » 13. November 2016 10:21

Dear All,

We are using Java Based CMS with Tomcat (Application Server) & Apache HTTP for WebServer.
When the User hit the URL, the request will flow blow below:
F5->WebServer->Tomcat->CMS & DataBase.

All Static Files are stored under shared filesystem: /opt/apps/shared/cms/docroot and mounted on all servers. Currently if any requests come it will goes to Tomcat Server only. Instead of that we want to catch the URL at WebServer Level and redirect to WebServer's Shared location.

eg: then it should pick the image from WebServer's Local path: /opt/apps/shared/cms/docroot/cms/about/image1.jpg.

I tried to use Directory, Alias but its not working, Kindly please help on this.

Alias "/file_source" "/opt/apps/shared/cms/docroot"

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Re: Help on Mapping Local Directory for URL

Postby Nobbie » 13. November 2016 13:32

Alias does not work in an Directory Container. Put it in a VirtualHost Container or plain into httpd.conf

Therefore, Alias also does not work in .htaccess (.htaccess works like Directory Container, i.e. the configuration is not stored in a Directory Container, instead it is stored in the Directory via .htaccess).
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