Xammp on 'Skolelinux' based on Debian - Syntax error

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Xammp on 'Skolelinux' based on Debian - Syntax error

Postby Esos » 16. September 2004 11:32

I have installed a versjon of Skolelinux (http://www.skolelinux.org/portal/index_html) with the profile for workstation. The install of Xampp 1.4.7 completed without errors, but when I start the Xampp with the command:

'/opt/lampp/lampp start'

the root-konsoll responsed with

'/opt/lampp/lampp: 10: Syntax error: "(" unexpected'

#4:# For RedHat (thanks to Sudhaker Raj):

#10:function testport() {
#11: if netstat -an | egrep ":$1 .*LISTEN" > /dev/null
#12: then
#13: return 0
#14: else
#15: return 1
#16: fi

I gess line 4 is the essensial here, but how can I solve this?

By the way, this is my first linux-installation ever!

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Re: Xammp on 'Skolelinux' based on Debian - Syntax error

Postby dcr » 04. November 2011 01:30

take out the function ketword

so this
#10:function testport() {
to this:
#10:testport() {
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Re: Xammp on 'Skolelinux' based on Debian - Syntax error

Postby Sharley » 04. November 2011 01:44

Thanks for your post, but are you aware that you resurrected a 7 year old topic and so things may well have changed in the mean time. :shock:
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Re: Xammp on 'Skolelinux' based on Debian - Syntax error

Postby DarkKnight33 » 17. September 2012 15:05

I know this is an old topic, but after an very exhaustive search I stumbled on this page which (mostly) solved my problem.

First, I wanted to say: Thanks for digging up a 3 year old post. Yours is the only answer I've found related to the OP's and my problem.

Second, to get it to work, you have to follow your instructions as well as remove 'function' from /opt/lampp/share/lampp/lampplib AND add () after asky askn askp in the same file.

That got everything going on my end.

Thank you again, and I hope this helps someone down the road like it did me.
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