XAMPP: Starting MySQL...already running.

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XAMPP: Starting MySQL...already running.

Postby lastur » 14. September 2016 06:09

I have joomla 3 in localhost, since yesterday it does not work, I think it is problem mysql

When I run xampp restart, I get this:

sudo /opt/lampp/lampp restart:
Restarting XAMPP for Linux 5.5.33-0...
XAMPP: Stopping Apache...ok.
XAMPP: Stopping MySQL...ok.
XAMPP: Stopping ProFTPD...ok.
XAMPP: Starting Apache...ok.
XAMPP: Starting MySQL...already running.
XAMPP: Starting ProFTPD...ok.

I can enter localhost but I can not access phpmyadmin:
phpMyAdmin - Error: Error during session start; please check your PHP and/or webserver log file and configure your PHP installation properly. Also ensure that cookies are enabled in your browser.

When I enter in the browser "localhost/myweb" get this error:
Application Instantiation Error: Could not connect to MySQL

I appreciate your help.
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