mod_sed use with both in/out filtering

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mod_sed use with both in/out filtering

Postby henzen » 23. June 2016 12:45


I'm trying to use mod_sed with both input and output filters at the same time. I can only get the output filter on it's own to work:

<Location "/var/www">
AddOutputFilter Sed html css js pl cgi text
OutputSed "s/123/abc/g"
OutputSed "s/stuff/ffuts/g"

I'd like to use an input filter too on the same site:

<Location "/var/www">
AddInputFilter Sed html css js pl cgi text
InputSed "s/abc/123/g"
InputSed "s/ffuts/stuff/g"

...but only the output filter is being used. In fact, if I switch on AddInputFilter while the AddOutputFilter is active, then neither work.

I'd appreciate any pointers in getting this to work.

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Re: mod_sed use with both in/out filtering

Postby Nobbie » 25. June 2016 13:57

How do you test your filters?

According to the Apache Documentation, InputSed usually works on POST data. There is no example for any other kind of input (a requested HTML file or a PHP script for example). It is running on stdin, which is assigned to POST data on runtime. So how works your personal test?
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