only as http://localhost

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only as http://localhost

Postby irvine4 » 12. September 2004 05:04

I installed xampp and can view the index page as

Then I used a machine from my local network and tried to see if I can see the index.htm, (, the ip address of my Linux machine).
I can not see the index page at all.

Do I have to configure something so that the website can be seen from the network?

Thanks in advance
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I found my problem

Postby irvine4 » 12. September 2004 05:34

Please ignore my message, I found what I did wrong.
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Postby hansie » 13. October 2004 17:45

How do you have to set your apache to act as a webserver. So over the internet and intranet.

Lampp starts correct, but i cannot check http://localhost because i run debian (only text mode). But over the intranet i cannot connect to my server on (webserver ip). So how can I set apache to run as webserver and allow me to connect to and http:/myip......

Btw, i CAN connect my server over ftp!

Hope someone could help me.
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Postby hansie » 15. October 2004 18:33

I have the solution.

First install Mozilla (or another browser, except IE). Then you see the full error description, file_get_content(lang.tmp). I have chmod the lang.tmp. Then the server works!

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Postby stbedes » 19. November 2004 18:31

We have installed bare debian and cannot get localhost access. remote access is also not working, despite xampp apparently starting OK.

However, as we are inexperienced in Linux, please will you post the exact location and syntax of the command which sorted out lang.tmp.

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got it /opt/lampp/htdocs/xampp/lang.tmp

Postby gorgo » 08. January 2005 16:26

still the same, on my debian.
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