change Default page ip server

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change Default page ip server

Postby pallet92 » 01. May 2016 18:54

(sorry for my bad english)
i'm making a wi-fi router using a old computer with debain 8.0
it's already working using dhcp and hostapd.
I made a page to change the router(server) configurations, like password, forwarding ...
how can I configure apache2 to show this page when i'm connected in the server(rounter) and type the ip server in the web browser, like nomal routers does?

Thank you
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Re: change Default page ip server

Postby Xamppingaround » 07. June 2016 08:53

Try this:
go inside the "Apache2" folder, click on "Conf" >>"Extra" and find the file named "Httpd-Vhost.conf", then find the fields "server name" and "server alias" and write on those 2 fields the address you would like to use.
Remember to save and restart Apache once you finish....should work.
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