Restoring xampp(1.7.3a) backup result in error

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Restoring xampp(1.7.3a) backup result in error

Postby nmd2w » 09. March 2016 15:02

Im struck with an old xampp (version 1.7.3a) backup and not able to restore in usual way.

The error Im getting is

Code: Select all
/opt/lampp/backup/ 7: /opt/lampp/backup/ function: not found
egrep: md5sums: No such file or directory

I've same version of xampp installed on my Ubuntu 14.04 laptop. I also tried a fresh back up and restore with same version of xampp and got the same error. Any bug with version 1.7.3a? Is it possible to retrieve/restore in any means please.
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