There is no xampp-dir in htdocs?

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There is no xampp-dir in htdocs?

Postby jahadu » 22. January 2016 06:47

I'm going insane...
1) I know very little about linux, I'm learning.
2) I'm on Ubuntu Server 14.04.3 and I've tried installing the latest XAMPP (7.01) and then I tried 5.6.15.

The installation goes just fine, I have no other ftp or web-services running and I can reach (or rather from another computer), the dashboard comes up. I have edited the httpd-xampp.conf to allow non-localhosts.

But here comes the problem, with both 7.01 and 5.6.15 - there is no xampp folder in htdocs, so trying
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just gives me a 404. The dashboard works though, phpmyadmin opens up (with an error but thats ok), and phpinfo works.

Does anyone know why "xampp" lacks in my installation?

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Re: There is no xampp-dir in htdocs?

Postby Altrea » 22. January 2016 08:27


This Q&A is written for XAMPP for Windows, but it is the same on Linux:
=> [Q&A] Where is the orange administration page

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