securing XAMPP in CENTOS 6

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Re: securing XAMPP in CENTOS 6

Postby Altrea » 19. November 2015 22:59

logtech wrote:is there any way to limit the connection from that server IP only? I have used bind-address=serverIP in # The MySQL server
[mysqld], I have both on the same serevr

Use as IP for the bind-address setting. But as already said, you should install and secure up the single component if you want to use a Webstack in production or as live server. XAMPP cannot achieve that without a big amount of time for customation and securing.
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Re: securing XAMPP in CENTOS 6

Postby logtech » 29. December 2015 21:16

Thank You for your help, I think I have sort out most of security concerns, indeed it took me a long time. THX
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