Xampper v0.7b Finally Released!

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Xampper v0.7b Finally Released!

Postby Xampper » 27. August 2004 03:08

Hello all! Xampper, a text based menu and configuration utility for Xampp has been released. It is a linux product only. Xampper greatly simplifies everything about the Xampp distribution, and gives you the features that Xampp currently lacks. For example, a wizard to help password protect folder will be added in an upcoming release. Here's a quote from the project home page:
The Xampper program is a linux based menu and configuration utility for the ApacheFriends Xampp webserver distribution. It was designed with the beginner in mind, and is therefore extremely easy to use. With Xampper, you don't have to remember command line perimeters and such, you just use the menu!

-- FREE!
-- Easily Configure All Aspects of the Xampp Server Distribution
^ ProFTP
^ Other Startup Options
-- Create and Edit Password Protected Directories (Coming soon.)
-- Easy Text-Based Interface
-- Stop and Start Your Server with No Effort!

To learn more about Xampper, and get a test download, go to http://www.Xampper.org. Please post any comments in the Xampper.org Forum.
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Apache just got a little bit easier: http://www.Xampper.org
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