SSL/HTTPS not working

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SSL/HTTPS not working

Postby dcharling » 20. August 2004 23:26

I have installed/extracted XAMPP v.1.4.7 on a RedHat 7.3 distribution. Everything has worked beautifully. You all should be proud of how simple this installation really is. I have moved my htdocs directory and MySQL data directory to a different directory outside of my /opt/lampp installation directory. To do this I made several mods to files, but because your program is organized so well most of the important files (the configuration files) are in the /opt/lampp/etc directory. Absolutely everything works except for https via a web browser.

My Firefox browser just sits and waits some 5 to 10 minutes until I get a document contains no data error.

What file have I forgotten to edit or do I have something wrong in the ssl.conf file? I pretty much left the file as is and just pointed to my new htdocs directory.

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