can't find directory \xampp\apache\conf

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can't find directory \xampp\apache\conf

Postby erolaworks » 11. March 2015 04:58

Hello, I have a problem with the web server I work where I don't find the directory of \xampp\apache\conf since I need to check the rewrite_module on http.conf is enabled before rewrite URL on htaccess file for my company website. I have also tried to store an htaccess file directly on the website directory but nothing happen. fyi, the system using linux centos and xampp for linux (lampp). The directory structure of the xampp is quite different with the xampp I usually use on windows, and then I just figure out there's no directory of \xampp\apache\conf.
Could anyone here help me solve this problem? Thank you
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Re: can't find directory \xampp\apache\conf

Postby Altrea » 11. March 2015 06:25

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Re: can't find directory \xampp\apache\conf

Postby Nobbie » 11. March 2015 15:48

erolaworks wrote:and then I just figure out there's no directory of \xampp\apache\conf.

No, first of all, in Linux there is no backslash for directorys, you have to use slashes instead (/xampp/apache/conf).

At next, a very simple "find" would show you, that under Linux the Xampp installation is stored under /opt/lampp. The Apache configuration files are stored under /opt/lampp/etc (httpd.conf) and /opt/lampp/etc/extra (all included files).
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