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Google Chrome Problem

PostPosted: 12. January 2015 21:11
by djuser
Have successfully installed Xampp but when I try to go to the Application from the graphical interface I get an error message "Please start Google Chrome as a normal user. To run as root, you must specify an alternative -user-data-dir for storage of profile information..

I understand what it is saying but have no idea how to correct the situation.

FYI I am brand new to linux and its charms.


Re: Google Chrome Problem

PostPosted: 12. January 2015 21:42
by Nobbie
Forget that message. Do you have any "real" problem? I dont think so.

If you dont like this message, dont use the graphical starter (i dont use it anyway), simply start xampp old fashioned, open a terminal and enter (# is the prompt):

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# sudo /opt/lampp/lampp start

Apply your password and thats it.
The GUI is only "nice to have", but you dont need it.