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Xampp properly installed - Cannot load any PHP documents???

PostPosted: 16. October 2014 05:00
by bigred1978


I've installed Xampp 1.8.3 on my Kubuntu 14.04 setup. The installation went fine and i activated the MySQL, Apache and ProFTPD servers. All are aparently active and working. I then loaded the default XAMPP page in Firefox. I checked the status of the servers and all seems fine.

However, my goal is to learn how to program PHP and HTML5 and my tutorials ask that I load up the test PHP files in my browser (firefox) all attempts to do so have failed and i get is a pop up window asking me what I want to do with the file (open in another program or save it). :


I dont know what to do anymore. Could anyone help me with this issue? Thanks.

Re: Xampp properly installed - Cannot load any PHP documents

PostPosted: 16. October 2014 21:13
by Nobbie
You cannot open PHP Scripts via "Open file...", instead you MUST enter a valid URL for your test files.

The local Xampp URL always starts with http://localhost/.... followed by folder/filename as given on your system. As well, you CANNOT open files from your home directory or similar, all PHP/HTML files have to be stored in /opt/lampp/htdocs. And nowhere else.

If you save a file (for example) as /opt/lampp/htdocs/myfolder/myfile.html, you MUST enter http://localhost/myfolder/myfile.html into your browser (so, /opt/lampp/htdocs is the so called "DocumentRoot" for your http://localhost).

You URGENTLY have to read about webservers and Apache and have to learn the very very basics.