Issues when installing PositiveSSL Certificate

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Issues when installing PositiveSSL Certificate

Postby lewisb98 » 19. July 2014 01:19


Operating System - Debian 7.0 (Wheezy) 64bit
Lampp Version - 1.8.2

I am having an issue after installing an SSL Certificate that I have.
I have gone through all the steps and have moved my certificate into ssl.crt and key into ssl.key.
After this I linked it all up in my httpd-ssl.conf
Here is my httpd-ssl.conf -

After doing this I get an error when stopping apache (I can not stop to restart or anything, it is stuck on)
XAMPP: Stopping
apachectl returned 1.

Here is my xampp error log -

I hope that someone can please make sense of this.
Thank You.
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Operating System: Debian 7.0 64bit

Re: Issues when installing PositiveSSL Certificate

Postby Nobbie » 19. July 2014 08:41

Segmentation fault is ugly, we cannot solve this here. You have to give this to the development team (i dont know, if Bitnami is reading here).
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