old LAMP stack

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old LAMP stack

Postby lucrus » 23. May 2014 10:55

Hello *,

I'm about to install a old web app that requires PHP4/MySQL4 on a new Debian 7 server. The app is not mantained anymore, the original author has a new job and no chance to migrate it to PHP5/Mysql 5. Nevertheless the app works and it is very useful for my customer.

I plan to install XAMPP 1.4.16, e.g. the last one providing PHP4 and MySQL4. However XAMPP 1.4.16 has both PHP4 and PHP5, with PHP5 being the default. How do I make it use PHP4 by default instead?
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Re: old LAMP stack

Postby Nobbie » 23. May 2014 12:23

Did you try to run it on MySQL5 and PHP5? Most applications from PHP4 are running under PHP5 without any change, or with some minor changes. It is not a completely different world.

How do I make it use PHP4 by default instead?

Either step thru the configuration and replace PHP5 by PHP4, or look for a hint in a readme or configuration file. Sometimes it is alread done by renaming folders (i.e. rename php4/ to php/ or similar). As this installation is very, very, very, very old (10 years!!), i dont think you will find someone who still knows how to switch between PHP4 and PHP5.

Anyway, if you succeed to run the application under PHP5, this seems to be the better solution.
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Re: old LAMP stack

Postby Altrea » 23. May 2014 20:06

I only found this:
We don't provide any support via personal channels like PM, email, Skype, TeamViewer!

It's like porn for programmers 8)
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