Apache modules and security

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Apache modules and security

Postby robin_sharp » 08. May 2014 15:02

Lots of recommendations for making Apache servers more secure say how important it is to avoid loading unnecessary modules.
In particular, the modules mod_autoindex and mod_info should always be avoided if possible.
However, XAMPP loads these modules as standard, and does not seem to work if these modules are not loaded.
Two questions:
1) What are they actually needed for in XAMPP?
2) What else would I have to remove if I wanted NOT to be obliged to load these modules?

I am using XAMPP version 1.8.1 for Linux, but I can see that the situation is unchanged in version 1.8.3.

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Re: Apache modules and security

Postby Nobbie » 08. May 2014 22:35

As Xampp is mentioned for local development only and NOT for online hosting, there is no problem about any modules.
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