requirements for a server

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requirements for a server

Postby arifox1 » 29. April 2014 19:52

xampp meet these requirements. Or there any other better than xampp server.

● PHP Mínimo
● PHP 5.12 o mayor
● PHP extensions: gd2, curl, iconv
● Safe mode must be OFF
● Register Globals must be OFF
● Magic Quotes must be OFF
● Memory limit: 32M+
● Sendmail
● Zend Optimizer must NOT be installed
● Recomendamos PHP 5.26 o mayor
● PHP extensions: dom
● Optional Extensions
● apc (speed boost)
● bcmath (speed boost)
● json (speed boost)
● mbstring (required for nonEnglish

● Apachebased
shared web hosting
● Recomendado Apachebased
VPS o Servidor dedicado
● crontab
● mod_rewrite (for SEOfriendly
● memcached (speed boost)
● mod_security/mod_security2 disabled
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