Daemon to monitor mysql database.

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Daemon to monitor mysql database.

Postby SteveDeFacto » 26. December 2013 12:55

I need to program a daemon which monitors the status of the xampp mysql database. When the database is modified it needs to determine which php script was executed, by what ip it was executed, and with what variables. How can I do this? (Any xampp log files I can monitor to get this information or even parts of this information would be great!)
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Re: Daemon to monitor mysql database.

Postby Nobbie » 26. December 2013 15:48

I dont think that there is such a tool, because (for example) PHP Scripts are triggered by Apache (and NOT by a client, the client sends a request to Apache and Apache then starts PHP). As well PHP does not change MySQL database, this is done by mysqld (mysql daemon), which is triggered by an PHP Script.

The only thing you can do is to analyze all logfiles you have (Apache, MySQL) and try to find out, which request may cause which change - but this will be hard job without guaranteed success.
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