Xampp rejecting access

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Xampp rejecting access

Postby zombiepigman » 29. November 2013 15:30

This is going to be a long one so bare with me. I have a server running Centos 6.4 and lampp or Xampp, this server in a in a school network behind a firewall. The firewall has been opened to allow access to the xampp server through port 443 and so far it displays the site fine. however when I try to access the same page from a internal computer using the external ip or address the server keeps rejecting my access and displays nothing.
Is there anyway of solving this problem?
Yes i can access the site using internal IP addresses, but I am attempting to build a Moodle site and it sticks you with one address only (internal or external not both). Any suggestions would be helpful.
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Re: Xampp rejecting access

Postby Nobbie » 30. November 2013 23:07

zombiepigman wrote:Is there anyway of solving this problem?

Of course - ask your Administrator for a solution. This is not a question of Xampp, but of the administration of the firewall.
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