Slow ftp connections over local network??

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Slow ftp connections over local network??

Postby TheLini » 01. August 2004 11:43

Hi all

Please be gentle I am new to linux

I have installed Lammp, got it up and running and everything is working :D


Whenever I try to ftp into it from my windoze machine (running any ftp client) I get very very slow connections, it seems to be when authenticating and reading directories. The actual upload speed I am getting is fine, just the time delay between each files is around 10 secs :shock: Now try uploading phpnuke with those delays :shock: :shock:

I am running Fedora Core 2 and have disabled ipv6 because of problems with dns using mozilla and konquerer.

I also use a D-Link DSL504-T Router as a network switch (not so sure thsi si the problem tho, as I am getting good transfer rates from the machine its just the delays between files)

Thanks in advance

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Postby communich8 » 30. September 2004 18:44

hope its not to late!

put these two lines in the proftpd.conf in opt/lampp/etc

UseReverseDNS off
IdentLookups off

restart your server and the problem will be fixed!!!

:lol: willi
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Postby TheLini » 01. October 2004 18:10

Thaks very much for the reply, I will do it tonight to see if it works..

It's never too late, this machine is just for me messing around

Thanks again m8 :D :D
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Postby TheLini » 30. December 2004 15:43

wow that was one long night..

But yes it worked, thanks very much..
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