Need help in uninstall

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Need help in uninstall

Postby deepak.floret » 27. August 2013 09:07

Hi All,

I am new to XAMPP, but this is one of the easiest thing to install and configure on server. Thx for that. :D

Now i have installed on Ubuntu server (12.04). I dont require bitnami package on server, How can i uninstall Bitnami package. Kindly hlp me in uninstalling the package.

for info : I am using Amazon AWS EC2 instance,

Thx in Adv.. :)
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Re: Need help in uninstall

Postby kaysa. » 28. August 2013 11:32

Hi, in the XAMPP directory in the apps folder you should find the uninstaller for each application. You just need to execute it.
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