Password access via network to index.php problem

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Password access via network to index.php problem

Postby dev_car » 14. June 2004 06:24

My Version of Linux is debian 3.0r2 - I installed a basic setup - no GUI.
XAMPP -seems to be running OK but I would like to gain access via the LAN network from my XP windows box. I can ftp in OK using
ftp://username:password@ I can also access an index.htm
test page I dropped into the main directory via the network using but cannot reach the
index.php page as it does not accept this password or other ones I have changed using /opt/lampp/lampp security. So I'm stuck.

Is there a way of correcting this problem so that brings up the index page? Or is there a browser in the xlampp package I don't know about. I have only been learning linux for a week or so. The windows xp box is and 192.168.01 is a netgear DG814 DSL modem gateway.
Any help much appreciated - Dev
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