Installing the development package.

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Installing the development package.

Postby jnm » 22. May 2004 17:52

I want to install this development package for Linux, bacause I want to dissable gettext. The reason is that I have made a php script that will hopefully work the way gettext does. (it's for a school assignment)

Ok. So what do I need to install this development package? I have understood that I have to do it like this:

1. ./configure <options>

2. make

3. make install

I can copy and paste the options from the lamp test page under "phpinfo" and use for point 1 above.

Does the development package contain all I need(apache , php ,mysql)? or do I have to download those 3 packages too?

I couldn't find a script called "configure" in the development package. Or did I not search hard enough?

By the way, I am a total newbie.

Thank you for an excellent product!
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