Bwshare - Bandwidth limiting

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Bwshare - Bandwidth limiting

Postby Sherw1n » 18. May 2004 17:22

I found this module called bwshare ( that is supposed to limit bandwidth usage BUT i'm a newbie and I'm having problems installing it with Xampp.

Can anyone help me?

I'm stuck at this part :

It seems like you might have to run "autoconf" in the Apache top directory to remake "configure" from "".
But I found that this created an erroneous line as follows:

LTFLAGS="$LTFLAGS -export-dynamic"

If "autoconf" causes this line to appear in your "configure" file, you will have to remove it or comment it out.
I have no idea how this bug gets in there.

The parameter


must be used with the "configure" command in the top-level Apache source directory (in addition to any other command line arguments you normally use) if you choose the `no' option in the config.m4 file.
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