Limiting bandwith usage?

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Limiting bandwith usage?

Postby Sherw1n » 13. May 2004 18:17

How does one go about setting up Apache to limit the amount of bandwith for the webserver?

My home internet connection is used as my webserver...I max out at 60 kilobytes a second for uploading and If I have multiple on my site maxing my connection out all the computers on my networked are affected by this.

How would I go about limiting the webserver to only taking up 30 kilobytes instead of my entire connection?
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Postby micha78347 » 09. June 2004 15:41


on windows we use net limiter,

on linux, i dont know, but just take a look at ==> search for "bandwidth linux"

first result => ... ntry317375

kalyandeo Posted: Apr 21 2004, 04:01 AM

It is "mod_throttle " to be precise.
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