"Turck MMCache"Help

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"Turck MMCache"Help

Postby manuelq2 » 26. April 2004 16:20

Hi, everyone:

Install XAMPP 1.4.4. on Fedora Core and everything is working ok. Try to run Turck MMCache following the instruction and the red sign on the main page dont go away, this
is the error_log:

" PHP Warning: [Turck MMCache] This build of "Turck MMCache" was compiled for PHP version 4.3.4. Rebuild it for your PHP version (4.3.5) or download precompiled binaries.\n in Unknown on line 0
PHP Warning: Unknown(): Unable to initialize module 'Turck MMCache' in Unknown on line 0"

Need some help to deal with this, Tkz.

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Postby MAGnUm » 05. May 2004 00:02

turk is no longer being developed, so it is no longer included w/xampp, you can build your own binary or deal w/o it.
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