Apache and IIS Exchange 2010

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Apache and IIS Exchange 2010

Postby lilx2003 » 28. April 2013 01:45

I have an question on something that i have been trying to fix for quite some time now. At home I have a server for learning/ myself purpose. Where I am running the following configuration:

One Public IP

Server Windows 2008 R2 – AD, DNS, DHCP, Hyper-V

Server Windows 2008 R2 – Webserver , Exchange
Ubuntu Linux 12.04 – Apache2 with virtual hosts

All my 80 and 443 port request goes directly to my Ubuntu apache 2 service, at the moment I can access from within my network my exchange webserver but from the outside I get a apache default page. My question is how can I configure apache, that when a specific request like mail.contoso.com is requested it directs to my mail server.

So lets say I got apache running on and exchange mail server on
Mail.contoso.com  
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