image is not shown in web browser

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image is not shown in web browser

Postby sabbir_pust02 » 24. April 2013 00:55

I am new ubuntu and recently I install 'xampp 1.8.1' on my ubuntu 12.10. My problem is that image from server can not be shown. My code is

my code is ::

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          <div class="sideBlock unSung">
         <h4>Unsung heroes...</h4>
         <a href="#"> <img src="_images/1_full.jpg" alt="Midnight Run" width="99" height="135" /> </a>

         <a href="#"><img src="_images/2d7y3ki.jpg" alt="Wyatt Earp" width="99" height="135" /></a>

here, in my address bar I use

and I want to show image after Unsung heroes text but it only shown some link and not any image.

But when I use the following


and images are shown after Unsung heroes text.

It works well in windows platform.

As a new user, I have very few knowledge about file permission, chmod, chown etc. I use ls -l in my terminal window in /opt/lampp/htdocs/madeTemplet/basicTemplet/_images directory, then some texts have come which is look like as below ::

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          sabbir@sabbir-pc:/opt/lampp/htdocs/madeTemplet/basicTemplet/_images$ ls -l
          total 300
         -rw------- 1 sabbir sabbir 204067 Feb 24  2010 1_full.jpg
         -rw------- 1 sabbir sabbir  75789 Nov 13  2009 2d7y3ki.jpg
         -rw------- 1 sabbir sabbir  23692 Apr 21  2010 6AB32AE44600435B9DE0FB5EBA24A912.gif

I also go to /opt/lampp/etc/httpd.config for finding EnableMMAP off and EnableSendfile off which is already # off. What can I do now ?
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