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XAMPP and Wiki

Postby stugra65 » 09. April 2013 19:07

I am the representative for the Foundation for Children and Families, who campaign for better protection of families and children from state interference. We plan to run a Wiki to advise families on what to do when made subject to family law proceedings and publicise the worst human rights abuses committed by states.

I have looked into hosting Wikis and all seem very expensive. However, it seems possible to load WikiMedia onto a Linux hosting platform such as GoDaddy.com

has anybody every done this? Can anybody advise me?

Stu Graham

replies can also be sent to lonsb65@gmail.com
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Re: XAMPP and Wiki

Postby Nobbie » 10. April 2013 03:28

What is the Xampp part in your question, i cant find it!?
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