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After installing XAMPP localhost not working...

PostPosted: 30. January 2013 09:00
by sudheerphp
hi to all,
after installing xampp on ubantu
when i started my server xampp.
and i am trying to type http://localhost :
one file is downloaded and that file contains the following code
if (!empty($_SERVER['HTTPS']) && ('on' == $_SERVER['HTTPS'])) {
$uri = 'https://';
} else {
$uri = 'http://';
$uri .= $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'];
header('Location: '.$uri.'/xampp/');
Something is wrong with the XAMPP installation :-(

can you elobarate and what happend to my server as well,
it it xampp is reinstall or what ,
can anyone trace out most appreseatable

Thanks in adv..

After installing Open Cart .. index.php file is downloaded

PostPosted: 30. January 2013 15:23
by sudheerphp
Hi to all ,
i am new to opencart and php.
i got some different error message.

after xampp server started.
goto browser and type
one file index.php file is downloded.
i dont know what happended.
can any one help me out .

Thanks in adv.

[EDIT by Altrea: merged this two topics because of the same issue]