Making the 1.8.1 smaller in size

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Making the 1.8.1 smaller in size

Postby Atle » 23. January 2013 06:02

Hi folks... I am just downloading the Xampp 1.8.1 version made for Puppy Linux as seen here:

I wonder how i can make the file smaller as all i need is the English and the ability to run Joomla or other CMS systems.

Assuming I can edit that SFS file... What can be removed to get a smaller size of the file? 81mb is a LOT...

Maybe a pointer to some folders that can be deleted, but yet english and full functionality remains?

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Re: Making the 1.8.1 smaller in size

Postby JonB » 25. January 2013 20:14

Perhaps you should ask waton...
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