Please HELP unable to connect localhost

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Please HELP unable to connect localhost

Postby lollylegs » 28. November 2012 20:19

:mrgreen: I have tried for days to get xampp to connect to localhost.
1. xampp installs perfectly.
2. netstats -anltp | grep "LISTEN" shows apache listening on 80
3. Disabled firewall
But when I type http://localhost all I get is a google page of localhost listings instead of 'IT WORKS' or the Xampp Welcome Page.
What am I doing wrong please
Would appreciate any help
Regards Marea (Australia
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Re: Please HELP unable to connect localhost

Postby ingen-adb » 03. December 2012 18:31

you don't say if have launched xampp, if not simply open terminal root tipe your pass and paste
/opt/lampp/lampp start

greeting ingen
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