combine subversion and xampp inCentOS6.3

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combine subversion and xampp inCentOS6.3

Postby hnuzhoulin » 20. November 2012 17:09

I used ./configure --prefix=/opt/svn-1.7.7 --enable-mod-activation --with-apxs=/opt/lampp/bin/apxs
to configure subversion,I got these errors:
checking for Apache module support via DSO through APXS... cannot open /opt/lampp/build/ No such file or directory at /opt/lampp/bin/apxs line 201.
configure: error: no - APXS refers to an old version of Apache
Unable to locate /mod_dav.h

how should I do ?
I tried to delete the apxs argument,and I can compile it correctly,But it did not create hte file I needed , and .

I can see the directory of mod_dav_svn and mod_authz_svn in the subversion source file directory.
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Re: combine subversion and xampp inCentOS6.3

Postby JonB » 21. November 2012 04:28

You don't say what XAMPP version you tried this with. You should pick a XAMPP version that is known to work, and has the correct Dynamic Shared Objects.

You might look at XAMPP 1.7.7

If you want to try compiling - you will need the development package that has the header files.

Good Luck

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