other index in htdocs are not loaded

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other index in htdocs are not loaded

Postby abeltae » 24. October 2012 16:07

Hi im a student and ive been using xampp recently in ubuntu and everything works fine im creating simple web pages and it loads via localhost/jay (jay is the folder where my index.php is in)
but whenever i try to view via another pc using this url ( the site wont load just the default xampp
the xampp homepage loads with this
but when i try to load it wont load anymore

the xampp is installed in ubuntu but im trying to view the site in windows 7 from another computer with but i dont think there is a conflict since if there is, shouldnt load at all
plss help :(
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Re: other index in htdocs are not loaded

Postby JonB » 25. October 2012 11:08

t would be very useful to know what error you are getting
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