Having problems with mod_rewrite

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Having problems with mod_rewrite

Postby Marchosius » 05. September 2012 20:21

Hi all,

Shifted my dev server to linux a while back.

Problem I am having is with the url rewrite, when i access the site i get a 404 not found, but on the live servers it works perfectly,
I read that i have to activate this for apache.

followed the instuctions but to no success, either the files are not found or some files looks the same as the others on the posted solutions.

Can any one help me with this please?
Using xampp 1.7.7 on ubuntu 12.04, downloaded and installed from the xampp site.
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Re: Having problems with mod_rewrite

Postby JonB » 07. September 2012 15:32

well it sure would be useful to know the syntax in the .htaccess

It may well be that the URL mapping is not the same (where is the Homer smiley)

Good Luck
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