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PHP 5.4.x, MySQL - lampp 1.80 - mysqli

PostPosted: 20. August 2012 17:01
by JonB
I am looking into the mysqli issue for lampp 1.8.0.

PHP 5.4.x uses a different library to support mysqli, new=mysqlnd, old= libmysql. I don't fully understand the impact on lampp at this point.

According to the phpinfo() it appears to have been correctly compiled for the new library


I don't think you need to add the extension/so to the php.ini as they are 'compile withs' - AFAIK that means the code is hard-linked in.

I am seeking wisdom (or correction).

Thanks and good luck

Re: PHP 5.4.x, MySQL - lampp 1.80 - mysqli

PostPosted: 22. June 2013 19:26
by Altrea
Additional information from PHP 5.5 Changelog wrote:This extension is now deprecated, and deprecation warnings will be generated when connections are established to databases via mysql_connect(), mysql_pconnect(), or through implicit connection: use MySQLi or PDO_MySQL instead

Deprecated means that the extension will be removed in one of the next PHP releases which can be PHP 5.6 or PHP 6.
It's time to change existing codes to mysqli or PDO