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phpmyadmin password

PostPosted: 01. April 2004 22:28
by c0c0deuz
After installing xampp, i quickly secured with the command:
/opt/lampp/lampp security
i find true the forum that the login name for proftpd is nobody, that the httpd login is lampp but i didn't find what is the phpmyadmin login name :?: i supposed i will have the same problem finding the mysql login name also...

I am new to that and i would like to get running a web site with web mail, claroline application (or some other e-learning platform) and a forum. I didn't find any turotial and there is so much documentation that i don't know there to start and in witch order i should adress the issue.
Can you sugest an order and some documents

btw: a have been spanding weeks with zilions of tutorials to get a LAMPS server up and running and it didn't work with mysql and php. After 15 miniutes, i've got xampp going. Thanks for the great product you guys have build!!! :idea: