setting up urls and directories for localhost application

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setting up urls and directories for localhost application

Postby beecatt » 24. June 2012 19:37

I am trying to set up a local application for managing various household tasks and such. I would like to set up the urls in the following format:

(landing page when I open my browser, with easy navigation to my localhost environment, frequently visited webpages, search box, etc)
(general data and settings that belong to a specific household member)
(data and settings for a specific topic that apply to the whole household)
(user-specific data and settings for a particular topic)

However, rather than reloading the page for each content change, I would like to serve everything through a single index.php in the main directory, using ajax to include the appropriate content (html snippets, forms, functions, queries, etc) stored in subfolders, so the url would be changing based on the page content rather than the location of the file being served. I have added my host name as an alias to localhost in my hosts file and created a name-based virtual host for apache with *.host.* as a server alias, but I am not sure what steps to take next as far as setting up the url system. I think I have to use apache's url_rewrite mod, which I have installed, but I'm at a loss as to how to go about implementing it.

Can anyone give any advice, suggestions, or other feedback on this setup?
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Re: setting up urls and directories for localhost applicatio

Postby JonB » 27. June 2012 14:27

My mind is boggled with this idea, so I am not able to make any useful suggestions, sorry.

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