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Updating cURL [Answered]

PostPosted: 14. June 2012 05:26
by Terror Factor
Hi all,

I've installed xampp on a bare debian system (cli only, to minimize overhead). I am planning to use it for a web application. However, that application needs cURL 7.24 or higher, and xampp only comes with 7.21.

I've been messing around with it for the last 5-6 hours, but without much succes. I can't find anything specific for cURL and xampp. However, I found out that you can recompile php for xampp, and I figured that I could change the sources of cURL included in the xampp developer package, with the latest files.
Since the tutorial ( spoke of getting the latest php version, I decided to do that too, so I could follow it exactly.

However, I keep running into different errors, with missing dependencies/libraries/sources for all the default extensions that xampp uses.

Now when typing this, I figured I should have tried it with the default php sources, as I guess they are included in the developer package? (I really don't know lol, the 'new' php folder seems to contain quite a bit more than the xampp dev folder)

I also tried downloading the compiled curl file from the debian repo's, and just change it in the xampp folder, but that didn't help. Changing the curl-config file to say 'version 7.26' instead of '7.21' didn't work either.

Any help, as I am way in over my head!

Re: Updating cURL

PostPosted: 14. June 2012 06:58
by JonB
Well - you basically really can't (without huge levels of knowledge) recompile Apache or PHP as it exists in XAMPP/LAMPP. Despite any propaganda. (as you have discovered)

reason: XAMPP/LAMPP is not a linux 'LAMP' stack. In order for it to be distribution/flavor agnostic, LAMPP is actually a bash script that runs everything as if it were all CLI. The linux OS (and the installer packages) have no idea what is or is not installed. And, hey, if you really, really knew how to do all that stuff - what would be the point of XAMPP? ("I" think that's a valid question)

why don't you check the beta package and see if it is up to specs for what you need:

If not, I suggest using an installer package to build a traditional LAMP stack.

These are my opinions only. It is also possible that everything will work correctly without version xxx.x of whatever (cURL). Reason: no hosted systems are realistically running anything close to the very latest version/release on any particular extension/mod. Unless you are aware of an actual dependency, or its your code, you should just give it a shot IMO.

Good luck with your project.

Re: Updating cURL

PostPosted: 14. June 2012 16:40
by Terror Factor
Thank you for the great response!

I'll have a look at building my own lamp stack, and see how that goes.
I've also contacted the developper, and he'll send me a slightly adapted version that works with the older cURL. He develops on linux, but most of his customers will use Windows, and that package has a more recent cURL apparently.

The beta xampp also has the older cURL according to the description, so that won't help either :(


Re: Updating cURL

PostPosted: 14. June 2012 18:25
by JonB
OK - Good Luck, I'm glad it helped clarify things a bit.

I hope things work out, let us know the outcome if you wish